In the last 8 years, we have sent out the following surveys via the ‘survey galaxy’ engine. A further was sent via ‘survey monkey’ on spinal cord injury. We have also conducted three elections for council via the survey galaxy website Members can access the survey results and download the relevant PowerPoint folder on the survey-results page. They are usually uploaded onto the website 6 months after the ASM. The centre that conducted the survey is in italics should you wish to contact them:  
  1. Paediatric neuro MRI services – Newcastle
  2. Thrombectomy Service Survey – St George’s
  3. Analgesia post craniotomy surgery – Dundee
  4. Intra-operative use of anti-fibrinolytics during neurosurgical procedures – Birmingham
  5. CCP in TBI (2016) – Bristol
  6. Extubation in neurosurgical patients – Salford
  7. Blood pressure management in DCI – Sheffield
  8. Awake craniotomy – Plymouth
  9. Use of NEWS in neuroscience centres – National (London)
  10. Pre-operative risk assessment in neurosurgery and complex spine – National (London)
  11. Depth of anaesthesia monitoring  – Newcastle
  12. Intra-operative Electrophysiological Monitoring in Spinal Surgery – St Georges
  13. Eye Protection Methods During neurosurgery – Birmingham
  14. Logistics and techniques used for the induction of anaesthesia in head injured patients by anaesthetists in the emergency department – Manchester
  15. Cranioplasty – Shefield
  16. The use of ketamine for pain relief in spinal surgery – Newcastle
  17. The objectivity of pupil measurements – Newcastle
  18. Osmotherapy for TBI – Manchester
  19. Calculating cerebral perfusion pressure – National (London)
  20. Prone surgery in obese patients – Middlesbrough
  21. Preoperative blood ordering for lumbar microdisc surgery – Liverpool
  22. Anaesthesia for awake craniotomy – Manchester
  23. Antibiotic prophylaxis in neurosurgery – Haywards Heath
  24. Anaesthesia for endovascular treatment of ischaemic stroke – Bristol
  25. Neurosurgery & antiplatelet therapy. – Newcastle
  26. Anaesthesia for deep brain stimulation – Bristol
  27. Intraoperative cell salvage in neurosurgery – Manchester
  28. The use of NSAIDs in neuroanaesthesia – National (London)
  29. Techniques used for intubation in patients with an unstable cervical spine – Bristol
  30. DC cardioversion for patients in head pins – Manchester
  31. Linkman survey – NASGBI
  32. Central line insertion methods – Romford
  33. Sitting craniotomy and PFO – Cardiff
  34. Anaesthesia for interventional neuroradiology – Birmingham
  35. Throat packs in neuroanaesthesia – Sheffield
If you would like to find out the results of these surveys then log into the members part of the website.