History of the Society

12th February 2015

The History of NACCSGBI Kindly submitted by Dr Peter Farling The Neuroanaesthesia Society was the first sub-specialist group of anesthetists to be formed and in …Read More

President’s Message

6th February 2015

It was great to see so many of you in Southampton at the ASM. We were fortunate to be able to welcome some fantastic speakers …Read More

NACCS Trustees

The Trustees (as registered with the Charity Commission) are: Dr Ian Tweedie (Liverpool) Dr Platon Razis (London) Dr Basil Matta (Cambridge) Dr Mike Nathanson (Nottingham) …Read More

Tribute to Prof G McDowall

Professor Gordon McDowall (1932-1984) Gordon McDowall was Professor of Anaesthesia at the University of Leeds from October 1969 until his untimely death at Christmas 1984. …Read More

Affiliated Meetings

15th August 2016

  ISNACC 2017 http://www.isnacc.org/annual_conference.html Chandigarh 24-26th January 2017.


6th February 2015

National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia The National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia was established in March 2008. Its vision, with respect to anaesthesia and related specialties, …Read More